WA: Liquor Board To Allow Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

I-502.jpgThe Washington State Liquor Control Board (LCB) will allow the outdoor cultivation of cannabis according to the list of revisions to the draft rule set released on May 16th.

In the weeks since the original release, rule writers at the LCB have received input from the WA cannabis community in regards to fine-tuning the rules. One of the main concerns they heard about from citizens was the exclusion of outdoor cultivation from the law.

Chief rule writer Karen McCall said last month that she had not only received the concerns, but was provided with the information that helped her change her mind.

"With proper security we feel that outdoor grows would work as well as indoor grows," she stated.

This approach -- listening to those experienced with safe cannabis cultivation while finalizing the law -- will prove to be beneficial for people in Washington, and the whole country. As more states regulate cannabis, the subject of safe cultivation is increasingly important. What is happening in Washington state will set a precedent demonstrating that cannabis can be grown in a legal and safe manner outdoors.

The state still has work to do in finalizing the workings of I-502. For two days in August, the LCB will take public comment on the proposed regulations, after which changes will be made. After determining the final rule set, the LCB will adopt it on August 14th.

Congratulations to the citizens of Washington who made their voices heard by urging the LCB to include this important provision affecting implementation of the new law.