This Mother’s Day, Moms, Cops and Docs Call To End the Drug War

During my time as a criminal justice professional, I was reminded to adopt strategies that helped my agency to be more effective. A term we adopted is a military expression called a “force multiplier” which is “a factor that dramatically increases (hence “multiplies”) the effectiveness of an item or group.” During my journey through activism I have met an unlikely group of women who have helped forge many changes not just in California, but across our nation. These women are “force multipliers” providing a voice for the voiceless. They are mothers like I am, and they share my grief of having their families suffer the collateral consequences of the Drug War. Through their loved one’s death, addiction or incarceration they have lived through what I have. This compounded grief has helped to form effective coalitions that result in action making our nation a better place.

It was my work with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) that brought me happenstance to this group of women and the “Mom’s United to End the War on Drugs” campaign. Each Mother’s day, Mom’s issues a call to action for other women and mothers to help end the devastation of prohibition. It’s this call that has created coalitions and strategic partner’s which include a Moms and Cops coalition that helped to deliver a simple message: drug prohibition is more detrimental to our families than drugs are. This year’s call to action created a new partnership that enhances Moms and Cops by including medical professionals. This Moms and Docspartnership was highlighted in an article on the Huffington Post this week which pointed out the inevitable results of our drug laws.

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