Mission Statement

The CCPR is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to replacing the harmful policy of cannabis prohibition with reasonable regulation, based on science, through ballot initiatives, legislative collaboration and public education campaigns

Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform Six-Point Vision Statement:

1. Remove state law penalties for responsible adults who possess, cultivate and/or transport cannabis for personal use.

2. Provide for a regulated system for the commercial production and distribution of cannabis.

3. Consider and incorporate the maximum protection possible from federal preemption or interference.

4. Do no harm to medical cannabis patients nor restrict safe access to medical cannabis.

5. Be consistent with existing and future scientific polling and public opinion research.

6. Be politically viable.

CCPR’s 501-C4 IRS approved statement of purpose:

Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform (CCPR) is a public benefit policy organization, which was formed to develop programs to engage and educate the public and legislators regarding responsible solutions to cannabis law reform. CCPR will not have any role whatsoever in the growing, sale, distribution or promotion of use of cannabis, or the teaching of same, or any business involved with medical or other cannabis growing, distribution or sales. The organization's purposes are limited to advocacy and developing legal policies.