Coalition Partners

Our success as an organization relies on our ability to build coalitions and align with diverse communities of stakeholders in our fight against cannabis prohibition. Below is a list of organizations that have already committed their support to the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform and its mission.

ACLU.png  Drug_Policy_Alliance.png EGA.png   GLACA.png LEAP.png 
 MM411-2.png  MMarjority.png MPP.png  NAACP.png  Norml.png
 Oaksterdam.png PID.png   Safe_Access.png  SSDP.png UFCW.png

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By submitting your endorsement in the form below, you are joining the growing majority of Americans who understand the damaging effects of cannabis prohibition. This small gesture of support goes a long way in promoting and bringing awareness to our coalition and its mission. Please consider joining our coalition today and be proud to stand beside the following diverse group of individuals and organizations. 

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